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“No more than ever in the New Normal, the demand for Yachting has reached a fever pitch. We have a tremendous opportunity in the market with our exclusivity of the top brands in the market not only to sell, but beyond the sales with after sales primarily focused on what our customers crave which is the full lifestyle Experience that comes with being a yacht owner.”
TheOne Marine Sells Luxury Day Yachts between MSRP $25K-$40M.
We have an Established Presence in The Americas since 2009.
Our Niche Fuses Social Onboard Experience with Smooth Performance.
TheOne Marine Group has the powerful ability to be recognized by the naked eye.
Celebrities, Business Moguls and Influencers yacht with TheOne.
We are committed to becoming the most valuable lifestyle and experiential brands in our segments.
We have been an important part of the creation and growth of the luxury boating segment.
We are expanding from boat sales, introducing Short and Long Term memberships with Yachts To Go (charter) and TheOne Owners Club (Own Everywhere) to the portfolio.